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Welcome to your next optics fabrication solution.




the latest innovations

New Products & Applications from OptoTech


HydroSpeed® Polishing Technology

Next generation polishing technology for OptoTech polishers that delivers precise control and reduced downtime.

Ultrasonic Spindle Duo

Ultrasonic Hybrid Processing (UHP)

An all new application for ultrasonic technology that combines turning, milling, and grinding processes with an ultrasonic amplitude.

Get a return on your equipment the first year, and every year.

OptoTech offers the most comprehensive range of machinery and processes for processing precision optics worldwide.

Industries Served:

  • Optical manufacturing
  • Semiconductor
  • Medical
  • Aerospace 
  • Defense
  • Consumer
  • Automotive technology  

Whether you need a machine for spherical optics, plano optics, aspheres, or for the production of cylinders or the generation of freeform surfaces - OptoTech can provide the solution.

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