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Ultrasonic Hybrid Process (UHP)

For CNC Machining of Brittle-Hard Materials 

Solving CNC Machining and Tooling Challenges with UHP

Combination of turning, milling, and grinding processes with an ultrasonic amplitude 

OptoTech’s ultrasonic technology solves the challenges of high machine run times and tool wear that occur when machining brittle and/or hard materials such as optical glasses, SiC, corundum, high-performance ceramics, and composites.


Ultrasonic amplitude

  • “Hammer drill effect” on a microscopic level
  • Self-cleaning 

Contactless energy transmission

  • Enables almost unlimited tool speeds (> 20.000 rpm)
  • Transmits tool amplitudes of
    > 5 µm and a power
    of > 500 W

New broadband ultrasonic generator

  • Handles various tool designs and resonant frequencies
  • Easily integrates into various CNC machine types
  • Opens possibilities for many other ultrasonic processes like cutting, cleaning

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Ultrasonic Hybrid Processing

Functional Principle

UHP functional principle

Get a return on your equipment the first year, and every year.

OptoTech offers the most comprehensive range of machinery and processes for processing precision optics worldwide.

Ultrasonic Spindle

Best-fit applications for Ultrasonic Hybrid Processing

  • Optical manufacturing
  • Lightweighting
  • Shaping
  • Special Features 
  • High aspect ratio drilling 
  • Manufacturers and retrofitters