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HydroSpeed® Polishing Technology

Increased Quality without sacrificing throughput 

Eliminate Membrane Technology and Advance your Polishing Process

Proprietary Technology for OptoTech Polishing Machines
HydroSpeed is an advanced high-speed polishing technology that enhances your capability on standard and complex geometries.  It can be vertically scaled for high-volume needs.

HydroSpeed uses polishing fluid to apply consistent pressure distribution across the entire surface, eliminating the need for protecting the backside of the lens.  Workpiece “floats” in the holder during polishing.  Pressure is precisely regulated through a frequency-controlled high-pressure slurry pump.

Advantages of HydroSpeed

HydroSpeed improves SynchroSpeed, taking polishing to the next level.  It solves the challenges of pressure distribution, heat dissipation, and improved surface figure.

HydroSpeed® is available for all CNC-controlled OptoTech polishers of the PPM, SPK, MCP, and some SPO series machines. 

  • No back-side protection needed
  • No interruption of the production process
  • No additional cleaning steps or solvents required
  • No specialized tooling required
  • Reduced processing steps mean lower processing time and less touch labor 
  • Helps achieve better Cpk
  • Specially developed for large-scale production yet delivers the same advantages for those with low-volume applications

Ready to upgrade?

HydroSpeed Polishing

Shop Floor Results

Polishing of a lens with a small CT | Neg. meniscus lens, R = 56 mm, D = 72 mm

Standard Membrane-Based SynchroSpeed Polishing

  • Non-homogenous working pressure distribution
  • Increasing PV error at reduced CT
CT 5mm
CT = 5 mm
PV = 0.17 fr
CT 3.5mm
CT = 3.5 mm
PV = 0.60 fr
Ct 1.5mm
CT = 1.5 mm
PV = 0.82fr

HydroSpeed Polishing

  • Homogenous pressure distribution: Consistent pressure distribution and support of the lens over the whole surface. The deformation of the lens, as occurs when using a traditional membrane chuck, is significantly lower and the fitting accuracy is better.
  • Improved PV accuracy even at reduced CT
  • Dissipation of heat generation: Using the HydroSpeed® Technology, the lens is surrounded by polishing fluid that absorbs the processing heat and leads to a much lower temperature gradient of the lens.
PV 0.23 fr
CT = 3.5 mm
PV = 0.23 fr
PV 0.24fr
CT = 1.5 mm
PV = 0.24 fr

Get a return on your equipment the first year, and every year.

OptoTech offers the most comprehensive range of machinery and processes for processing precision optics worldwide.


Get more from your polisher.

Upgrading to HydroSpeed means:
  • No interruption of the production process
  • No work station for protective paint necessary
  • No storage space for lenses that wait for their painting and drying lenses needed
  • No protective paint required
  • No solvents for lens cleaning and no disposal of the solvents needed
  • No additional tooling costs. Already existing tool holders can be used.
  • Precise control of polishing liquid pressure through the frequency-controlled high-pressure slurry pump